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Discover the news that could revolutionize the world of sports betting

Mensagem por rahimabinte » 14 nov 2022, 04:11

In the midst of digital transformation even those platforms that were born under the auspices of online are reformulating and perfecting their operations, as is the case with sports betting. Gone are the days when the best technology bettors could find was a pen and a Totobola ticket. After the legalization of online sports betting in May 2016, digital began to dominate the daily lives of Portuguese bettors, but if this represented a huge leap in the way betting was done, the novelties that will enter the sports betting market in a near future promise to profoundly revolutionize the entire sector.

After betting apps for smartphones technology Job Function Email Database that allowed the biggest online bookmakers in Portugal , such as the sports betting house, to start providing Portuguese bettors with a simpler and more comfortable betting experience, the The future of the sector will see technologies as diverse as Virtual Reality or Blockchain arrive in force, which promise to change the way bettors relate not only with bookmakers, but also, and especially, with the way they bet.


Technologies that promise to revolutionize the world of online sports betting Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Despite being in an embryonic stage, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be, for many experts, the “reality” of online sports betting around the world. In addition to improving the betting experience, these two technologies can serve as a basis for the development of fully immersive bookmakers that can be transferred from the computer or mobile phone to the real world.