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Digital Marketing Strategies for Tourism in 2021

Mensagem por shuklarani88 » 24 set 2022, 11:39

After the summer of 2020, the tourism sector and digital marketing now face a new challenge: adapting to the holiday period after the long months of confinement and restrictions imposed by government entities. In 2021, the landscape in tourism differs in many ways from the previous year . In this sense, it is crucial that digital marketing strategies follow the progress and evolution of the sector. Discover in the article, some digital marketing strategies for the tourism of the new normal . Tourism in the new normality This year, the tourism sector is showing peculiar contours , namely due to last-minute reservations, the requirement to present PCR test results and digital certificates, cancellations, preference for low-volume places and national tourism and, constant changes in health measures (which differ by country/region).

According to the Google Ads Platform Research and Insights team , searches related to “border restrictions” increased by 500% compared to the previous year, while “rentals and restaurants near me” grew by 100%. Tourist characteristics in 2021 To determine which digital marketing strategies to adopt, it is necessary to know and understand the new Whatsapp Number List profile of travelers. A study carried out by eMarketer revealed that, in fact, the health crisis has influenced the behavior of Americans in vacation planning: in April 2021, 28% of respondents preferred not to plan any trips, 10% canceled plans and 22% chose to wait for the vaccination plan. After a month, another study, also carried out by eMarketer , released more promising results: the price of reservations in the United States increased by 9% due to the growth in demand.


In this same analysis 64% of respondents revealed that they prioritized holidays within the national territory, while 56% of individuals who participated in another study by Adweek and Morning Consult indicated that they value holiday plans with discounts generally offered by agencies or hotels. Tourist in 2021 - Digital Marketing after confinement The year 2021 is still a year of transition, although the vaccine for COVID-19 brings more optimism and confidence, tourists will continue in 2021 the trend of booking flights, accommodation and experiences closer to the travel dates, while at the same time, who prefer to travel in more restricted groups. 5 digital marketing strategies for tourism in 2021 In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, the new tourist prefers digital procedures to face-to-face ones. In this sense, it is crucial that businesses consider new digital marketing strategies that adapt to the new demands of tourists.