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Do You Prefer a Pure Car or with New Technologies

Mensagem por nisha126 » 29 set 2022, 04:42

Do you like to maintain your car are you one of those people who makes it a point of honor to keep it working properly? What does this imply? Back to the day when a “tuning” was something that was often done in the car. But how? Well, the basics usually referred to a series of adjustments and measurements – making sure the spark plug and ignition timing gap were correct, that the idle was smooth and at the correct rpm, that the carburetion was at full throttle. Efficiency, delivering power and consuming little. Do you know who does all this in the modern car? That's right, an asian boy named who programmed a computer.

This one made him obsolete when it comes to tweaking things under the hood. Oh, of course! You can still change the oil and filters occasionally, but unlike in other eras, the engine compartment of today's cars is very much like the royal family - you shouldn't touch it under any circumstances! How does this make you feel? I particularly like both ways. I appreciate Whatsapp phone number list the fact that my everyday car will go for miles and years without noise, smoke and chaos in sometimes inappropriate places. Everything sort of works, or seems to work. At the same time, i also like to patiently tinker with old cars and do the necessary chores to keep them from the possibility of being classified as just another old can.


Stop on the side of the road however the day my modern car left me walking on a highway without a living soul overnight…the oldschool method was my salvation! And you, dear reader? Would you rather stop and get your hands dirty and stay happy that way, with yourself keeping the car running smoothly? Or are you far beyond that and want to take advantage of what modern technology maintenance and management systems offer so that you can use your time to do the most important things, like keeping up with the voice brasil? Or even unite the old mechanical wisdom with the technological tools by yourself, avoiding leaving your car once again in that pickaxe in your neighborhood? Reply and we will publish.