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Gutenberg 9.2 Brings New Security Design Image and Video Features

Mensagem por shatikhatun967 » 21 set 2022, 03:21

Gutenberg has a feature that anticipated the future of WordPress : block editing . Since becoming the default editor of the CMS in 2018, this plugin has received development efforts so that it is able to adequately meet the requirements of usability, intuitiveness and responsiveness . That's why Gutenberg 9.0 focused on navigability , with a new drag and drop section , the Query block, with new search features and group block filling , all to make the page editing process easier. As for the intuitiveness, Gutenberg version 9.0 now has the simplified display of menu components. To ensure responsiveness, WordPress engineers proposed using the block editor on mobile devices , via proprietary apps. All these changes anticipated the focus of the next Gutenberg , in its 9.2. version: the user experience. Ready to be incorporated into WordPress version 5.6, the plugin has received the long-awaited video tracks functionality , which has been in development for over two years.

Video tracks include subtitles, closed captions, descriptions, chapters and metadata with an extremely intuitive user interface — with the ability to edit tracks in the toolbar and add video tags. To increase the plugin's security , a new patch reduces the vulnerability to the regular expression denial of service (ReDoS) attack, which causes a server to overload CPU usage and suddenly stop. Gutenberg 9.2 also introduced the ability to turn Whatsapp Mobile Number List selected blocks into a column block . For example, users can embed three image blocks in a single section. Usability has been further improved because columns can be created from any type of block. The option will appear whenever the number of columns selected is less than 6 (maximum number of columns allowed by the column block.). Another interesting feature for this version concerns the ability to expand Cover blocks to support repeating background patterns.


This gives users more flexibility in their designs and opens up a whole new range of possibilities for customization. The new widget screen was also incorporated, to give more dynamism, provide interaction to the users of the pages and put an end to the discussion about the replacement of the development efforts of the “Navigation Screen”, which has not reached a level of beta functionality since September. Despite not having the navigation screen as intended, updates to the site editing experiments were added. Other more modest features include: drop-down button for sidebar view; gallery block, to use the image caption as an option for the alternative text; table block; template basic information drop-down list; option to turn the featured image into a link; new writing flow options: reduced UI, theme styles, highlight. Among the implemented changes, we can still highlight the integration with the template titles , improving the layout of the information panel, removing non-essential blocks, changing the name.