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Kindness Marketing: discover the concept that is invading the virtual world

Mensagem por kulsum125 » 05 set 2023, 05:56

With the aim of inspiring, moving and touching people's hearts, Laíze Damasceno wrote the book Marketing de Gentileza, released by publisher Brasport in 2015. In the book, the entrepreneur touches on a fundamental point within marketing, often forgotten by many managers: human relations. “Marketing is not just about brands, products, services or events. It’s also about human relationships”, highlights the communications and digital marketing consultant with a focus on content and customer relationships.

The concept of Kindness Phone Number List Marketing was born when the consultant gave a workshop in a hotel in São Paulo, at the invitation of speaker Luiz Gabriel, known as Mr. Kindness. He even wrote the preface to Laíze's book, which brings a new look at kindness in the virtual environment for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who seek to improve online relationships with customers, the public, followers on social networks and the general audience.

“Kindness Marketing is about humanizing brands and companies through communication and internet marketing techniques. One of the book's key concepts is that virtual kindness means giving genuine attention to people on the Internet”, explains Laíze Damasceno.


Laíze Damasceno and her book Marketing de Kindeza / Photo: Personal Archive
With the success of the book came lectures, consulting, mentoring, courses and the networking group that meets monthly. Kalinka Carvalho , organization consultant and member of Digitais do Marketing, is one of the participants in this group. “I found it interesting because I already applied the concept of Kindness Marketing in my daily life with my company and in my online service, I just didn't know it had a name (laughs). It was good to know that other people had the same thought and philosophy that I had”, says the speaker and blogger.

The organization consultant explains how the concept of Kindness Marketing brought benefits to her work and her personal life. “Being part of this group only made me grow professionally and personally. In this selfish world where people only think about themselves, serving the customer well, responding and creating a relationship makes you different and people like to be well served and create a good relationship with the brand. Anyway, taking kindness and creating relationships makes you a better person ”, she points out.