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The full pack : domain + file structure + Data base (+4Gb) with more than 3.800.000 posts.

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Blog Important Sales Tool for Your Company

Mensagem por sondha575 » 15 nov 2022, 07:04

Blogs are a very powerful digital marketing tool and the main content marketing strategy because of its ease of updating, large audience reach and high return, having a blog is more than essential for your business. It is through it that your company will be able to expand your network of relationships with potential customers and increase your sales! It all starts with your website. It is your home on the internet and your blog should be inside it, which should be fed with innovative texts, tips about your products and services, case studies and various other content formats that will attract exactly the audience you want.

According to a hubspot survey, 92% of companies that use blogs for marketing achieve positive results. Want to better understand how a blog works? So keep reading! 5 reasons your business should have a blog 1 – appear in searches having a blog is an seo (searching engine optimization) technique. That's Phone Number List because google, the main internet search engine, has different criteria to choose the sites that appear when someone makes a certain search. One of the characteristics analyzed is whether the site has a constant content update. This is possible through the blog! By publishing frequently, your business automatically gains positions on google and appears more to your customers.


Thus the increase in the flow of your website becomes a consequence! 2 – the price is worth it creating a blog is usually very affordable. Wordpress, for example, is a free platform where anyone can create a blog. In addition, unlike other advertising actions – such as billboards, tv and radio advertisements, which you have to keep paying to keep appearing – your content on the internet will not leave there. Once posted, it will always be there for your audience to access. You only pay once! To improve, the roi (return on investment) of creating a blog is very positive: 92% of companies that have a blog acquired a customer thanks to frequent posts numbers much more powerful.